Celebrating its 6th year, this one-day business-to-business conference brings together digital retailers, content producers, content aggregators, service providers and digital technology companies.

Keynote: Mitch Singer, Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE)

A Conversation With Mitch Singer on The Future of Digital Entertainment”  moderated by Ted Cohen, Managing Partner, TAG Strategic.  

Mitch Singer, current president of the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE), the cross-industry consortium behind UltraViolet and former chief digital strategy officer of Sony Pictures Entertainment will discuss how disruption in the TV and movie business models in the future will be “very, very interesting.”  Singer will take real time questions via an interactive application available to all attendees using mobile devices.

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Digital Media Pipeline '14 Schedule

8:30 am - Welcome/Opening - Mark Fisher, EMA President & CEO

8:40 am - Global Perspectives – The International Growth of Digital Entertainment - This session explores the digital entertainment market outside the U.S. and how it is changing business models, consumer behavior and release strategies.  Hear from retailers, studios and others on the impact of an instantly connected world.

     Moderator: Thomas K. Arnold, Home Media Magazine


          - Kim Bayley, Entertainment Retailers Association (UK) 

          - Dan Cryan, IHS

          - Tracy Wright, Netflix

9:10 am - Digital Supply Chain: Metadata and Mezzanine Files


          - Sean Bersell, EMA

          - Connie Lee, Netflix

          - Jennifer Lane Burnell, EMA

9:20 am - Making Digital a Premium Experience - Best practices and opportunities for the consumer experience of digitally accessing home video (movies and TV) including the functionality of web interfaces, the ease of search and discovery, added-value content and functionality, and picture/sound quality.

     Moderator: Craig Seidel, MovieLabs


          - Rich Berger, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

          - Russ Crupnick, MusicWatch

          - Paul Davidson, The Orchard

          - Erik St. Anthony Pence, Inception

10:00 am - Break

10:25 am - The Future of Digital Entertainment - A conversation with Mitch Singer, President of DECE/Ultra Violet, moderated by Ted Cohen, Managing Partner, TAG Strategic

10:45 am - Presentation: Copyright White Paper 


         Jason Peterson, Content Bridge/EMA Digital Steering Council

10:55 am - Digital Supply Chain: DEG Perspective and Media Manifest


          - Larry Wilk, DEG

          - Craig Seidel, MovieLabs

11:05 am - The Mobile Market - Nielsen’s Cheryl Idell shares where and what people are watching on their tablets and smartphones and how this market is growing and changing.

11:15 am - Sponsor Spotlight

11:25 am - The Consumer’s Point-of-View - A panel of digital entertainment consumers discuss their viewing habits, how and where they discover content and what drives their purchasing decisions.


          - Kevin Westcott, Deloitte Consulting, LLP

12:00 - 1:00 pm - Lunch

1:00 pm - Creative Opportunities & Challenges in Digital Entertainment Marketing and Branding - Paul Matthaeus, Chairman at Digital Kitchen talks on this subject; moderated by Russ Crupnick, MusicWatch

1:20 pm - The Next Generation(s) - What innovations are on the long and short term horizon for technology and media?  How will the declining cost of storage and increasing processing and communication speeds effect the supply chain and the consumer?  And how will viewing change over the next 50 years as consumers face 3D, 4K, 8K, virtual reality, and more. 

     Moderator: Bill Mandel, NBC Universal


          - Ted Cohen, TAG Strategic

          - Phil Lelyveld, USC Entertainment Technology Center

          - Ron Martin, Panasonic

          - Mike Murphy, Intel Corporation

          - Daniel Summers, DVLabs

2:00 pm - Digital Supply Chain: Avails Metadata, Image Files and Closed Captioning


          - Mark Fleming, Google/YouTube

          - Sean Bersell, EMA

2:10 pm - State of the Digital Entertainment Industry and The Vast Expansion of Original Content - A presentation on the state of the digital industry will lead into a discussion on the growth of programming developed exclusively for the digital channel.  

     Presenter: Chris Roberts, SVP On-Demand Products, Rentrak

     Moderator: Steve Apple, EMA


          - Derek Dressler, Vimeo

2:55 pm - Wrap Up & Awards

3:00 pm - Networking Reception 


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