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Steve Apple

VP, Industry Sales, EMA

Steven Apple has worked in strategic business development, conceiving and executing marketing strategies for small and Fortune 500 companies, for nearly two decades. 

Mr. Apple has implemented successful marketing solutions for the world's most respected companies in including the Walt Disney Company, NBC Universal Studios, 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. He won a Webby Award for in 2006.

Also, in 2006, he built one of the largest library and new release portals for TV shows on DVD with NBC Universals’ And, the largest and most complete portal of DVDs and Blu ray films at

In 2007, he sold his GreenApple Media development company to Centric/Agency of Change and worked biz dev for the online boutique/marketer into the viral and social media world, creating an alternative reality game for Warner Bros for the Lost Boys the Tribe. Mr. Apple also developed the Mitzi Gaynor Razzle Dazzle widget for Mitzi’s recent Emmy Award documentary that ran during the 2009 holidays on PBS stations around the U.S.

For DC Animated Films, he created a multi-platform site for Superman Gotham Knight; an anime version of the Batman’s transition from Batman Begins to the Dark Knight. 

Mr. Apple lives happily in Agoura Hills, CA with his wife, four cats, one dog, and two kids Not necessarily listed in any particular order.

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