Mitch Mallon - Stadium Media

Mitch Mallon

Founder/CEO, Stadium Media

Mitch Mallon is the founder and CEO of Stadium Media, a digital content provider who is at the forefront of distribution.  Mallon is a 25 year entertainment veteran having achieved tremendous success in the music, home entertainment and digital entertainment industries.  Over a decade ago, Mallon was a key player in the launch of one of the industry’s first digital content companies, Egami Media, a subsidiary of Image Entertainment.  The field was virtually unknown at the time and he assisted in building relationships with accounts very well known today including iTunes, Hulu Plus and Google.  He was one of the original studios to launch with both Hulu and Netflix and has maintained relationships with Google/YouTube since 2007 through Google Video, YouTube and now, GooglePlay.  He opened the U.S./CA Public Library Digital Marketplaces in 2006.  Mallon has represented thousands of projects over the years including such prestigious titles as The Dick Van Dyke Show, That Girl, Sondheim’s The Birthday Concert, Miss Marple, and Foyle’s War.  Additionally, his repertoire has included award-winning stand-up comedy (Jeff Dunham, Louis CK, Lewis Black and Kevin Hart among others), long-form concerts (Bad Company, Moody Blues, KISS, Heart and more), urban programming, IMAX films and silent film classics.  Back in 2007, Mallon helped establish the Entertainment Merchants Association’s (EMA) Digital Council and is currently the Chair of the Steering Committee for Digital EMA.  The Digital EMA's programs and initiatives help educate producers, licensors and studios who are interested in the evolving digital marketplace. He also frequently serves on industry panels covering the burgeoning digital marketplace including EMA's Digital Media Pipeline and the Producers Guild of America's New Media Council. Mallon is also a member of NARAS (The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences) and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.  He has held senior management positions at Rhino Entertainment, Warner Music Group, Image Entertainment.  Early in his career, he focused and successfully promoted independent niche product and then, music DVDs to the retail community.  

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