Parental Empowerment

The Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA) is proud of its 20-year record of commitment to parental empowerment programs. Our efforts in this area began in October 1987, when one of EMA's predecessor organizations endorsed the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA)  rating system for motion pictures and encouraged its members to enforce the ratings.

Our current parental empowerment programs include:

Voluntary Ratings Enforcement - EMA facilitates the adoption of voluntary ratings enforcement policies by retailers. Major retailers that sell DVDs and video games have implemented policies to prohibit the sale of "R"-rated movies and "Mature"-rated video games to persons under age 17. Likewise, rental outlets have policies not to rent or sell "R"-rated movies and "Mature"-rated video games to persons under age 17, absent parental consent. (As a matter of policy, major retailers do not sell video games rated "Adults Only.")

Ratings Education - EMA encourages retailers to educate parents about video game and motion picture ratings through posters, brochures, shelf talkers, kiosks, other in-store signage, and their websites. It provides retailers with ratings education posters and order forms for other ratings signage.

"Look, Play, Limit, Control" - Through its "Look, Play, Limit, Control" guidance, EMA provides parents with information how to make the right entertainment choices for their families. EMA has disseminated this guidance through news articles, its web site, and other channels.

Entertainment Ratings & Labeling Awareness Month - Each year, June is designated as Entertainment Ratings & Labeling Awareness Month by the Coalition of Entertainment Retail Trade Associations, of which EMA is a member. The purpose of the designation is to encourage retailers to review their ratings education and voluntary ratings enforcement policies, reemphasize those policies to their employees, and educate their customers about the motion picture and video game ratings systems and store policies. 

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