EMA Board Resolution on Piracy

Whereas, piracy is the greatest threat currently facing the home video industry;

          Whereas, packaged goods and online piracy cost U.S. video retailers at least $1 billion annually in lost sales and rentals; and

          Whereas, the home video industry supports appropriate responses to piracy; 

therefore, be it

          Resolved, That the Board of Directors of the Entertainment Merchants Association:

1. Is committed to taking a proactive leadership role in fighting piracy, both on its own and in conjunction with others;

2. Supports the public education campaign of the Motion Picture Association of America to explain why movie piracy is illegal, how it impacts jobs and the economy, and the consequences of engaging in piracy;

3. Encourages motion picture studios to extend anti-piracy public education by supporting the placement of anti-piracy education signage in retail outlets and including anti-piracy messages on DVDs;

4. Supports the motion picture industry's legal efforts to shut down Napster, Grokster, Morpheus, and similar file-swapping services;

5. Endorses appropriately targeted lawsuits against individuals engaged in file-swapping of movies;

6. Supports the enactment of laws in the U.S. and across the globe to ensure adequate deterrence against copyright infringement, as well as efficient and swift justice, while protecting lawful uses, and in particular supports enactment of laws to hold peer-to-peer file-swapping networks responsible for the copyright infringement they facilitate, make the camcording of motion pictures in theaters a crime, and enhance the penalties for those who make copies of movies available on the Internet before their release on home video;

7. Urges the development of multiple lawful alternatives to file-swapping, based on diverse and competitive business models that empower consumers to choose legal services rather than movie theft, to serve as effective antidotes to piracy;

8. Supports the deployment of digital rights management technologies for the purposes of deterring piracy while emphasizing that new technologies for video, including digital distribution, must respect the rights of retailers and consumers under the First Sale provision; and

9. Will review progress on fighting video piracy at each Board meeting.

Adopted unanimously by the Board of Directors, July 13, 2004

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