EMA's Public Policy Priorities

There are many legislative and regulatory proposals that could impact the home entertainment industry in some way. EMA prioritizes issues for action based on the Association's mission and strategic objectives, the potential impact on our members, the ability of EMA to impact the debate, and the extent of consensus within our membership on a position.

The following are priority legislative issues for EMA:

  1. Protect retailers' right to sell and rent lawfully made copies without restraint (the First Sale Doctrine)
  2. Support strong laws against video piracy and vigorous enforcement of those laws
  3. Support voluntary enforcement of movie ratings
  4. Oppose restrictions on entertainment because of violent content
  5. Oppose discriminatory taxation of home video products
  6. Ensure that state-imposed restrictions on adult content comply with Supreme Court case law
  7. Ensure that second-hands goods laws do not unduly interfere with the market for used videos
  8. Ensure that regulation does not impede the implementation of radio frequency identification (RFID) through the entertainment media supply chain

To review EMA's position statements on these issues, click here.

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