Video Game Carton Configuration Best Practice Standard Recommendation

 September 3, 2009

To all interested parties in the video game industry:

Video Game Carton Configuration Best Practice Standard Recommendation

EMA’s Video Game Publishers Operations Committee and EMA’s Retailers Operations Committee have established the following recommended best practice standard for the carton configuration for disc-based console video games (shipped in standard packaging):

Video games should be shipped in cartons of thirty, organized in a single row, spine up in the cartons, with no inner packs.  Cartons should be shipped on 40”x48” pallets.  There is no recommendation regarding minimum order quantities, and publishers are encouraged to make all titles available for order in quantities as required by their retailer customers.  However, retailers are encouraged to place orders for disc-based console games, when practicable, in multiples of 30.

This is a recommended standard and its adoption should improve supply chain efficiencies and reduce supply chain costs.  It is anticipated that, over time, publishers will gravitate toward this recommended standard.  However, it is up to partners in the supply chain to make individual decisions as to whether to support this recommendation.

EMA’s committees will incorporate these metrics into future status reports and will measure adoption to determine the effectiveness of this recommendation.


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